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Virgo Gemstones: The 6 Best Zodiac Stones For Virgo

Virgo Gemstones: The 6 Best Zodiac Stones For Virgo

  • September 26, 2022
  • Posted By : TETIANA
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The 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgo, is represented by the maiden with Mercury as its ruling planet and Earth its element. People born between August 23rd and September 22nd share the Virgo sign. Virgos are perfectionists, analytical, and hardworking with a knack for details.

Virgos are unflinching in their kindness and ever ready to see the brightest and best in everyone. This earth sign is solid, reliable, and understand exactly how to take their responsibilities seriously. If anyone wants anything done – the Virgo is the one they turn to. This gentle-hearted nature and commitment to the task at hand help to make Virgos a fabulous friend and always someone to rely on. Their lilt of logic and straightforward approach is always welcome in the world of problem-solving, yet this can tip over into high levels of perfectionism.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are critical thinkers (it’s how they get stuff done) but with this penchant for problem-solving, it can lead to a tendency to overthink just about everything. Virgos could sometimes use a break from their own head or could welcome in healing balance so they rely more on leading with their heart space and an already developed sense of sublime intuition. In short, if Virgos could learn to trust their instincts more, they would save a whole lot of headspace. Virgos can also use a heck of a lot of energy in the worry stone. They are a sign that stays solid to the ground thanks to their earthly element but also can spin out into disaster thinking. Hey, we get it, its tricky business being the most hard-working person in the room!

Keep reading to find out which Virgo birthstones have got your number.

Amethyst is considered to be the most spiritual stone. When used as a Virgo birthstone, this purple stone can help in revealing your uniqueness to others. It can teach you how to embrace who you are and not morphine it to something that others wish to view you.

Known for its soothing and calming qualities, the amethyst crystal features a high vibration that can help improve motivation, promoting balance and enhancing intuition. Thus, if you ever need a boost in confidence when making decisions, especially in your spiritual self, then this is a great crystal to choose.

The birthstone for the harvest’s maiden, jade is an excellent stone for success in all things. It encourages everyone who wears it to accept responsibility for their own joy. It reminds you that you got to where you are because of your own efforts—or lack thereof—and that by acknowledging this, you may reach your goals in the future.

You can take charge of your life with this stone. Don’t leave things to chance. Act with free will and a sense of aim. Jade is one of the greatest gems for Virgos since its energy immediately improves all of their best qualities. It sharpens their acute eye and enhances their attention to detail. It amplifies personal objectives and speeds up manifestation.

Amazonite is one of the finest throat chakra stones in the Virgo birthstone pack. For Virgos who may need a little soft and intuitive guidance when it comes to the powers of communication. Good-hearted souls, Virgos certainly are but they can come across a little judge-like thanks to their straightforward no-nonsense attitude to problem-solving. Amazonite can help their communication to hit the mark a little softer. Amazonite is also a beautiful balancing stone and has strong earth vibes, exactly what a Virgo craves.

The amazonite crystal is one of the best stones for the throat chakra suitable for the Virgos. Virgos might need some intuitive and soft guidance in terms of their power of communications. With Mercury as their ruling planet, Virgoans are great communicators but tend to hide it sometimes. The energies of amazonite bring courage and the power to express what they want without worry.

While Virgos may be good-hearted in nature, they can sometimes come across as a little judgmental, due to their no-nonsense and straightforward attitude to problem-solving. The amazonite crystal can also help here by easing communication and hit the mark at a gentler stone.

Fluorite is a wonderful Virgo stone since it has light and airy energy. Because Virgos are frequently serious due to the amount of activity going on in their lives, they may be overly so. Fluorite encourages them to take their time and enjoy the little things.

It adds enjoyment to tasks that wouldn’t otherwise elicit a smile. It provides inner calm by relaxing the mind and preventing thoughts from vying for your attention. It’s referred to as a natural stress reliever.

Virgos are constantly striving to advance themselves, motivated by their own critical gaze inward. Whoever wears Fluorite is able to take in new information faster and store it longer. It enhances memory and is an excellent learning tool.

Virgos tend to get a little serious and overwhelmed with responsibilities at times. The beautiful energy of fluorite can help. This potent stone can bring lightness as well as a sense of play to such moments. It can also help in calming and organizing your head if it is wandering all over the place.

As a crystal that naturally neutralizes negative energy and stress, it is a suitable stone for the Virgoans as a therapist. It can help boost their energies, whenever they feel drained by people around them.

Earthy and rich, the tree green shades of Agate are a welcome home for Virgos. Ever the earth sign, Agate strengthens that connection with the softer side of nature, inviting Virgos to step back from their tasks and simply enjoy the world around them. This gentle green stone also opens up the heart space, reminding Virgos to get out of their head for a while and back into their heart.

Unakite also has a similar vibrational frequency as Virgos, therefore it supports their greatnesses and balances their emotions.

When they are feeling overwhelmed, this Virgo crystal helps them to focus on the present moment.

It reduces negative thought patterns and repressed emotions, and it harmonizes and strengthens their relationships. With the help of this stone, Virgos can continue to move forward with persistence and patience.

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