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Libra Gemstones: The 6 Best Zodiac Stones For Libra

Libra Gemstones: The 6 Best Zodiac Stones For Libra

  • September 26, 2022
  • Posted By : TETIANA
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If you’re a Libra, your birthday will fall between 23 September and 22 October. It’s the seventh sign of the Zodiac. Fairness, cooperation and diplomacy are some of your most important personality traits, as well as a desire for harmony between people. 

Librans often work better as part of a pair. They tend to seek out long-term relationships and partnerships and are willing to wait for the right person to come along. This isn’t to say that Librans aren’t strong personalities on their own – they tend towards balance and justice, and will usually speak up against wrongdoing. They are the ones who hold the scales and they take that burden seriously.

Born at the beginning of the shift from summer into darker nights, Lapis Lazuli can make an amazing match for Librans who want to keep their internal light shining bright. This wise and intuitive stone is known for nurturing self-expression and encouraging those balance loving Librans to explore their inner truth. Along with tapping into deeply stored wisdom, Lapis plays into that sense of harmony that Librans love so much. It invites throat chakra and third eye cleansing, ensuring all avenues of communication (whether human or divine) are cleared right open.

Clear Quartz is a Libra stone that reduces confusion, thereby helping them to be more decisive. It also promotes a positive outlook and helps them to live in the present moment. It improves concentration and stimulates intellectual processes. With its help, Libra sun signs can discover their purpose and find the answers they are seeking.

Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful stone for helping Libras align their inner and outer selves, connecting them to their personal power. It can give them courage when they are feeling timid, and it helps them come up with creative solutions for decision-making. Tiger’s eye also balances extreme opposites and helps them understand different points of view.

Mystical Labradorite is so much more than a smoke and mirrors act. With its dreamy hues and its hidden magic, this stone is all about courage and transformation. Another savvy throat chakra healer, Labradorite also works to clear you of anxiety and low feelings so that your strongest spiritual side can rise and shine. Once you clear out that nervous energy you are perfectly placed for welcoming vitality to bloom. 

An Opal is characterised by beautiful milky white colors and can also include some shimmer or sparkling threads through the stone. They make great pendants on necklaces or earrings and are often set into rings too. Opal jewelry is the ideal birthday gift for a Libran because it keeps the stone close and can be worn at all times.

The October birthstone of Opal is resplendent with luminous energy, milky white calm, and all the moods of positive good luck. Opal is the main birthstone for those born under the zodiac shadow of Libra, and as this gem is all about synchronization it grants Librans the balance they need to live in the light of harmony. Along with bringing balance, Opal brings a solid sense of protection, helping to ensure that those Librans who find they are lost to people pleasing anxiety find the gentle mother moon nurturing delight to raise themselves up.

For the air sign of Libra there is nothing like going with the ebb and flow that comes with the blue green color schemes of Aquamarine. An absolute siren song of a stone, Aquamarine will tempt you to embrace cooling head hues, to pull forth that buried treasure of hidden courage, and to strengthen that throat chakra so they can use their own voice to speak out and face those undercurrents of conflict without fear.

Aquamarine stones are usually a mix of blue-green colors that can swirl in different patterns. This is another one that makes a good stone for jewelry or can be set as healing decoration in your home.

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