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Aries Gemstones: The 6 Best Zodiac Stones for Aries

Aries Gemstones: The 6 Best Zodiac Stones for Aries

  • July 29, 2022
  • Posted By : TETIANA
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The Aries zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, the fierce planet. The element of Aries is fire, which is fitting because people with the Aries sign have quite a fire about them. Their symbol is the Ram; therefore, they are highly driven and persistent, and they are all about getting things done. They are also courageous, independent, and assertive.

Being highly driven individuals, those with the Aries sign can get a little too focused on their tasks at the expense of others and their own wellbeing. Amethyst brings in a spiritual lightness to their endeavors and helps them to achieve greater balance in their lives. It helps them channel their ambition in a healthy way. 

Rose Quartz encourages selflessness and unconditional love. These gentle energies are something every Aries can benefit from to balance out their aggressive nature. It can be helpful for Aries to always carry rose quartz no matter what other crystals they are using as well.

Clear Quartz brings a calmness to the passionate and ambitious nature of Aries so that they don’t forget to consider others as they forge ahead to achieve their goals. It can be used in conjunction with any of the other Aries crystals to promote more balance.

Black Onyx is one of the best Aries crystals because it reveals new perceptions and insights that help their full-steam-ahead personality to come from a place of personal strength. This Aries gemstone offers an energy that is centering and balanced at a time when Aries gets a little too heated. It also helps them overcome any fears that might be holding them back.

Citrine helps promote the energy of manifestation, so it is perfect for the energy of Aries, which is all about new beginnings. This zodiac stone also helps Aries to accept criticism and make positive changes based on that information. 

When the Aries nature is a little too fiery, they can use a water stone like Aquamarine to help tame the flames. This Aries stone can help them bring more flexibility into their endeavors as they flow with the tides.

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